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Barbara Cook Comes to The Wallis for One Performance Only Tonight

Barbara Cook

Photo by Denise Winters.
Barbara Cook Comes to The Wallis for One Performance Only Tonight.
Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts (“The Wallis”) announces theater icon Barbara Cook for a single performance tonight, March 10, 2015 at 8:00 pm in the Bram Goldsmith Theater. This event completes The Wallis’ concert series of Broadway legends, which also features Patti LuPone (two sold-out performances on February 12 and 13) and Betty Buckley (January 24).

With a career spanning decades and an unmatched list of accolades — including Kennedy Center Honors and Tony, Grammy, and Drama Desk awards — Barbara Cook is beloved for her legendary performances in the premiere production of The Music Man and lauded revivals of Oklahoma! and Carousel. The first female pop singer ever to perform a solo concert at the Metropolitan Opera, the silvery soprano arrives at The Wallis to show once more why she is “the greatest singer in the world” (Financial Times).

Patricia Wolff, Interim Artistic Director of The Wallis, said, “We’re truly honored to welcome musical icon Barbara Cook to The Wallis for a dynamic evening of song. In the space of two months, we’ll have the pleasure of welcoming three of the most prolific female Broadway performers of all time to our theater: Ms. Cook, Patti LuPone and Betty Buckley. We’re blessed that these women, who have so much living history and artistry among them, are all gracing our stage.”

Tickets for Barbara Cook, and for Betty Buckley, are available at or by calling 310-746-4000 or in person at The Wallis Ticket Services located at 9390 N. Santa Monica Blvd., Beverly Hills, CA 90210.

About Barbara Cook – Barbara Cook is the recipient of a 2011 Kennedy Center Honor. She earned rave reviews and a Tony Award nomination in 2010 for her performance in Sondheim on Sondheim, which marked her return to the Broadway stage after an absence of 23 years. Ms. Cook’s most notable recent appearances include her 85th birthday concert (and seventh solo concert) at Carnegie Hall, three sold-out concerts with the New York Philharmonic at Avery Fisher Hall, a series of critically acclaimed shows at New York’s Feinstein’s at the Regency and an historic solo concert debut at the Metropolitan Opera House, where she became the first female solo pop singer to be presented in concert by the MET. Ms. Cook won a NY Drama Critics Circle Award and was nominated for a Drama Desk award for her concert Barbara Cook’s Broadway and was nominated for Tony and Drama Desk Awards for another concert, Mostly Sondheim.

A leading star of the Broadway stage during the 1950s and 1960s, her many credits include the creation of three classic roles in the American musical theatre: Cunegonde in Leonard Bernstein’s Candide, Marian the Librarian in Meredith Willson’s The Music Man (Tony Award) and Amalia in Bock and Harnick’s She Loves Me (Drama Desk Award).

In 1975, she made her Carnegie Hall debut and embarked on a second career as a concert and recording artist, performing to critical acclaim in most of the country’s major concert halls as well as cabarets throughout the United States and internationally.

A Grammy Award winner, her many recordings for DRG Records include: Barbara Cook: Live From London, Oscar Winners: The Lyrics of Oscar Hammerstein, All I Ask Of You, The Champion Season: A Salute to Gower Champion, Mostly Sondheim, Barbara Cook’s Broadway, the Grammy-nominated Count Your Blessings, Tribute, Barbara Cook at the Met, No One Is Alone and Rainbow ‘Round My Shoulder, the boxed set The Essential Barbara Cook and Cheek to Cheek, and her most recent recording, Loverman.

About The Wallis – Located in the heart of Beverly Hills, California, the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts (aka “The Wallis”) brings audiences world-class theater, dance and music, performed by many of the world’s most talented and sought-after artists. With eclectic programming that mirrors the diverse landscape of Los Angeles, and its notability as the entertainment capital of the world, The Wallis offers original and revered works from across the US and around the globe. This fall marks The Wallis’ second season, which also includes its prestigious “Arts& Ideas” series, conversations with guests from the realms of culture, literature and politics. Housed in a breathtaking 70,000-square-foot venue designed by Zoltan E. Pali, FAIA of Studio Pali Fekete architects, The Wallis celebrates the classic and the modern. This is reflected in the juxtaposition of the restored, original 1933 Beverly Hills Post Office (on the National Register of Historic Places) that serves as the theater’s dramatic yet welcoming lobby, and houses the 150-seat Lovelace Studio Theater, as well as a theater school for young people, and the contemporary 500-seat, state-of-the-art Bram Goldsmith Theater. Together, these two structures embrace the city’s history and its future, creating a performing arts destination for LA-area visitors and residents alike.

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Don’t EVER, EVER, EVER give up on your dreams!

Don’t EVER, EVER, EVER give up on your dreams!

January 29, 1986 will always be one of the (many) best days of my life.  Two long time dreams were realized.

When I first saw the Concorde fly into JFK in 1977 I fell in love with it… it was so sleek and so beautiful and so fast..  supersonic fast…  it was the most beautiful plane I had ever seen in the sky.  I lived near JFK airport, and would hear it come and go, and would always run to see it.

I hoped that one day I would fly on it..  it was a crazy dream.

I was working in retail sales at the time, in a big beautiful store with great natural light. I often found myself “photographing” people in my mind..   I wanted to be a photographer,  but when I used a camera,  I knew I needed to learn so much.

I quit my job,  and began school for photography in 1977  hoping to one day, become a photographer…  It had been a dream for years,  and if you saw the first print I ever made in the darkroom,  you would understand why it was a crazy dream.

After a few years of studying , lighting, darkroom, and everything photography,  I knew I only wanted to photograph people, but I had a dilemma, I loved portraits in natural light,  but not the studio. I didn’t like the way people looked when they were posed and sitting in one place, they didn’t look as “real” as they did in person..  Portaits were “supposed” to be done in the studio.

I had a huge dilemma when I finished school.

I didn’t know what to do, so I put my cameras away, and went to work for New York Airlines, and then Club Med.  I lived in Mexico, Martinique and Haiti and had a great life full of  people,  stunning sunset and beautiful beaches.

In Haiti,  I was invited into people’s homes, with my cameras.  It was magnificent to see where my new friends lived,  see what they were most proud of, meet their families,  hear their dreams.   I loved photographing “people”… capturing the joy, the life,  the curiosity in everyone, using only the camera and the natural light of the day.

I knew it was time to pick up the camera again, and I left for New York City a few months later to become a portrait photographer.

I started photographing people the way I saw them… not the way I was taught, or the way everyone else was doing it… I wanted to capture “the person” in front of me.

Jerry Silverhardt was a fabulous manager in NYC at the time, and loved my work.  I photographed an actor often, who was his client, and his words of encouragement,  made me want to photograph actors.

On January 29th, 1986 my first ad came out in Backstage to photograph actors.

jan 29 1986first ad

29 Years ago today… 29 fabulous years watching so many other peoples dreams come true!

I still thank Jerry Silverhardt every day…  his encouragement was all I needed to photograph people the way I saw them.   Jerry had a great eye for talent,  his clients were brilliant actors that were quickly becoming stars,  and he recommended me to his clients,  and they recommended me to their friends…  even today,  when I am photographing someone,  the road often leads back to Jerry!

Today I photographed Chris Fischer.  I first photographed Chris about 10 years ago.   Chris is still using the photographs we shot,  they are timeless,  they represent who he is!

What a honor to hear Chris tell me that,  especially today!!

29 yr collage

I often photograph people I first photographed 29 years ago, and over the years since. They are more beautiful and fabulous every time I see them,  and I am honored when they tell me “I captured them”. I have met and photographed a few thousand people,  and every person has made my life and career what it is..

Yes…  I love photographing people as much today as I did in 1986…  my dream came true!

back to the Concorde …

The universe just happened to give me another dream come true that day…  I was in London, and I flew home on the Concorde the day my first ad came out in Backstage!

Concorde 1986


Today,  I realized both dreams began in 1977… and were realized in 1986..

9 years later… on the very same day…   Jan 29, 1986 2 “impossible”  dreams came true,

don’t EVER, EVER, EVER give up on your dreams!

(and even if you say it quietly,  up to the sky,  Thank everyone that you meet along the way)

Thank you Jerry Silverhardt,  Thank you HL,  and Thank you Universe,  for giving me both dreams on the same day, and giving me a great story to share, when people are doubting their dreams!)



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In Honor Of My Beautiful Father

It is now 5 years ago today,  that my father went to Heaven…  I am sharing a blog post I wrote 3 years ago,  because his last gift to me before leaving, continues to give me so much love and joy.
Thank you Dad… I love you!
In Honor Of My Beautiful Father BY DENISE WINTERS, ON JULY 29TH, 2011

2 years ago today, I kissed my father goodbye for the last time. I had tears in my eyes earlier, when Madison walked up to me out of nowhere, hugged me and kissed me. I want to share this story about my father, and my kittens. And how so much pain, would unknowingly bring so much love!


Feb 20th, 2009 my father called me to tell me he had stage 4 bone cancer and the doctors gave him a few months to live. I remember that call like it was 5 minutes ago. When we hung up, I cried for hours.

Then for some unknown reason, I went on the internet, and really wanted to look at kittens pictures. I wasn’t thinking about getting a cat, I never had cats, but my dad loved them, and somehow that’s what I was doing at 2am on the saddest night of my life. I went to Petfinder, adoptions, and starting browsing. I couldn’t think of any other place to see kittens. Their beautiful little faces somehow eased the pain of what was happening. First I saw “Chocolate”.. I fell in love with his beautiful little face…


Lexington Winters

but I wasn’t there to adopt kittens.. so I kept going through the photos… 5 photos down I saw “orphan”, she had the same look in her beautiful little face, as I was feeling!

Madison Winters

Madison Winters

little “Orphan” was found when she was 2 weeks old.. her mom was hit by a car, made it back to her babies and died. Her siblings also died. My heart screamed out to adopt her! I was going to be an “orphan” soon… I had to take care of her. I then went back up to “chocolate” and they were being fostered in the same place! These 2 little kittens told me, we were all meant to be together. I didn’t know anything about cats, or fostering, or how to adopt them, or even what to ask, so I wrote and asked if they knew each other… Jane wrote back and told me, they not only knew each other, they were madly in love! I told her I wanted to adopt them both, and she sent me more photos. When he first saw her, it was love at first sight.

love at first sight

love at first sight

And she felt the same way about him!

She Loves Him

She Loves Him

His mom fed her, and after seeing this photo, and I wanted to adopt all 3 of them, but the mom had already been adopted.

Will You Adopt Us?

Will You Adopt Us?

The next day I called my father to tell him I was adopting 2 kittens. He wasn’t the least bit surprised. We never spoke about me adopting kittens, but yet, it was as if he planned it. I could see and feel his smile over the phone. He seemed somehow relieved. My dad was a Marine… the best man I’d ever known with a heart of gold. He knew how to do everything, and taught me how to do some pretty amazing things . I renovated my apt with my own hands. I could fix almost anything broken. If anyone needed help, he was the first person there. If he saw a stranger stuck on the road, he pulled over to help.

That’s what you’re supposed to do, is all he would say. Here he is helping a local merchant prepare for a hurricane.

dad-helping-Mr-Ward Now, he would teach me one last thing about life, love and parenting, since I didn’t have children. We didn’t need to talk about the “cancer”, and he didn’t want to.. we spoke about the kittens, the funny things they were doing every day, how much I was learning from them… and exchanged photos by email. He was signing cards to me “meow meow” now.. hahahaha so not what I was ever expecting from my “Marine” dad! easter-card-400x480

I was still learning things about him, and learning from him. On July 21st, he called and said, well Honey, if you want to see me again, you better get here fast, they are getting ready to take me out!! WHAT???? where are they taking you, I asked, and he replied, if you don’t know what I’m talking about, you better go back to school! Yes… that was my father…. he didn’t sugarcoat anything, Everything was fine, then it wasn’t. He didn’t think it was important to talk about what could happen… until it was happening. I called a great friend and asked if he could come over and stay with my kittens.. I had to get

to Bonifay, Florida as fast as humanly possible.
My sister, her son and daughter drove down the day before I flew in. We all had the best time those last days… we laughed so much, hugged so much, and there was no doubt about how much we loved each other. David, the hospice nurse told me my dad was ready to go, but was holding on till after I left. His beautiful wife Mary, who he shared so much life and love with. and his identical twin brother Midge were with him, and he was in his own house. I kissed him goodbye, told him how much I loved him, and would always be grateful he was my father, and left. I was just thinking about how he set it all up, like he always did. After living with my kittens for over 2 years, I believe he had “something” to do with me going online that night. I don’t know how, but I always said “they found me”, and have loved them more than I could ever have imagined. I didn’t want to call her “orphan” so I changed their names. I renamed her Madison (for the M on her forehead) and he is Lexington, and when I say their full name with “Winters” at the end of it, I hear my dad saying “Denise Winters” , and I laugh out loud. Earlier today, I changed my facebook photo to the one below with my dad, and then saw the photo of Madison and Lexington when they first came to live with me… and for the first time… I noticed the similarity in these photos… I am sure my dad knew exactly what he was doing! I love you dad!


Christmas In New York City

If you weren’t in New York City, I hope these help you experience the magic and spirit of the city.
~Happy New Year~

The Empire State Building Photographed From Long Island City
1- Empire State Bldg

The Empire State Building and The Chrysler Building

Photographed from the 59th St. Bridge
2- Empire State Building and Chrysler Building

Arriving On Fifth Ave
3- Arriving on 5th Avenue

Bulgari Serpenti sparkle on 57th and 5th… Magnificent!
4- Bulgari Serpenti sparkle on 57th and 5th

Harry Winston
5- Harry Winston_0093 logo

Harry Winston
6- Harry Winston

Harry Winston (love the crosswalker heading into the store)
7- Harry Winston

Christmas Tree at Rockefeller Center
8- Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center

Ice Skating at Rockefeller Center
9- Ice Skaters at Rockefeller Center

Christmas Tree Through all the lights at Rockefeller Center
10- Tree through wonderland

View Of Rockefeller Center From 49th Street
11- 49th Street View of Rockefeller Center

View Of Rockefeller Center From 49th Street
12- 49th Street View of Rockefeller Center

Happy Holidays (Upside down?) on 23rd Street
13- 23rd St Happy Holidays

Happy New Year.. it’s going to be a great year full of Stars
14- Happy New Year Star

Thank you for looking at my photographs.. I hope you enjoyed them!

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