May Special .. The 30 Minute Headshot Session

Elena _n

30 min headshot new 513

Book 30 Minute Anniversary Session

The 30 minute session was created for people who shot 1 roll of film, back in my film days.

I love 30 minutes sessions because they take all the stress of the shoot away….  you can change whatever you like, as often as you like..

and it is affordable!

30 minute sessions are fun!!!

I’ve been shooting for 30 years,  and if you like the way I shoot,  you will have many great shots to choose from!

Here is the gallery of Elena’s favorites from our 30 minute shoot.  

Elena faves capture

Chris Fischer_internet

park borchert 14


amanda blog_3817903226833842286_o



Bryan King proof





Matthew 700 7414

Molly Dorsman Mesic


Janine Jumping_o

30 min headshot new 513

Book 30 Minute Anniversary Session

After we shoot,  we watch a slideshow, and we know we “have it”.    Then I send you a password protected, low resolution, online gallery,  that you can share with your agent, manager, upload to Facebook, actors access, your website, or social media.

Once you choose the photo you want to use,   I make sure it is as fabulous as you are.  I clean up anything distracting,  but I want you to look exactly like you, on your best day! 

Cleaning up = removing stray hairs, blemishes, razor burn, frizzies… anything distracting.

One “cleaned up high resolution” file for printing is included in this session.  ** Additional high resolution “cleaned-up” files for printing are $50.00 each   ** Low resolution “cleaned-up” files are $25.00 each for the web 

It’s really simple..  easy….  and fun.  The only difficult part will be choosing from at least 30 great shots!

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